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Tired of Getting Bullied by Leftists?


Are you avoiding political arguments because The Left’s righteousness intimidates you?


Know you’re right, but don’t know how to articulate your position properly?

Need a simple summary of modern political insanity and how to defeat it?

Well, WE have got the pamphlet for you!

Hoppe Unplugged is the guide you’ve been looking for to engage “the woke” on an even playing field… and defeat them.


You can read it in less than an hour, but don’t underestimate its contents.


Under one hour arms you with a rock-solid foundation for dealing with left-liberals wherever you are in the world.


If you find yourself talking to leftists, you will find yourself dealing with their tactic of personal destruction.


It's what they do.


You may think you need to read hundreds of tomes with thousands of pages to keep up with their attacks… but you don’t!


That’s what makes Hoppe Unplugged so special.


Weighing in at under 60 pages, it summarizes all of the great right-libertarian philosopher’s thoughts, ideas, and solutions to today’s issues.


No, it’s a summary of a summary!


We wrote this with you in mind.


There’s no need to bury yourself in a library for the next few years.


We’ve done all the hard work for you.


You always knew there was something off, but now you’ll see it more clearly.


And attack it with sound principles and honest solutions.


There are many reasons why you haven’t done this before, but now we take away all the pain.

Think you need to immerse yourself in a political philosophy course?


Not anymore.

Concise, carefully considered, and well-paced, Hoppe Unplugged is quick and easy to read and recall.

Of course, this makes the book super-accessible to anyone.

Think you’ll have trouble with the vocabulary?

Forget about it - we’ve defined everything, so it’s a cinch for you to learn.

And since the pamphlet is under 60 pages, you can dip into it again and again if you like, without wasting any time.

Don’t want to engage the woke anyway?

Arguing can be tricky, and there is no substitute for experience, but this book is a great aid for preparing some of the attacks you are bound to hear.


You’ll be able to keep your cool because you’ll have the utmost confidence in your own points.

And there will be some eye-opening moments for you.


Take this golden nugget:

“Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.” ― Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Cheap as Chips

Sorry, it’s not cheap.

It’s free.

Yes, you can download the pdf of this pamphlet right now.  For free.

Did you not do it already?

Come on.

And… if you’d like the paper version, it’s only $5.

Yes, a measly $5.

Cheaper than one of those soy wet lattes your debate opponent is drinking in Starbucks right now.

But what if you don’t like it? We’ll think you’re weird.

But… we’re offering the Subjective Value Guarantee right now.

Download the eBook for free, and buy the hardcopy if you like it.


To sum it up, we think you’ll never find a greater book to introduce you to the intricacies of how things should be.

Without all the lying, rallying, and shaming leftists do.

You’ll be able to engage them… and you’ll be so confident in yourself and your knowledge, you can even smile at them while you’re smiting them.

After all, the confident debater never needs to be rude.

Don’t waste another second reading this.

Download your free copy today.

All the best,

Thomas Jacob

P.S. We hope you’re jumping up and down thrilled with our gratis ebook. If you are considering buying the paper version… it’s only $5.  Order today!


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The editor's motive

Thomas Jacob grew up in the "politically squalid seventies", as he puts it. His search for a consistent and inspiring political philosophy initially ended with Hans-Hermann Hoppe. "Hoppe answered my most fundamental questions, the rest is an application of these principles. That gives me peace of mind and security and I want to make that available to others, especially young people". Jacob has known Hoppe personally since 1990 and is good friends with him.

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