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Hoppe's main works

All works that have a download button can be downloaded directly and free of charge as PDF from

Socialism or capitalism


345 pages

sozialismus oder kapitalsmus.jpg

This is the book whith which Hoppe achieved his breakthrough in scientific circles. It is the ideal introductory work, comprehensive, challenging, and rewarding. 

democracy. the god that failed.


547 pages


Hoppe's bestseller. According to Amazon, "frenetically cheered and thunderously damned" . Hoppe compliements his economic and political insights with historical and cultural themes, innnovative, and without regard to political correctness. 

a short history of man


132 pages

eine kurze.jpg

For most readers, this booklet will offer a challenging and excitign new perspective on the history of mankind. The last chapter will most likely provoke the most discussions. 


431 pages

the economics.jpg

the economics and ethics of private property

A tour de force in economics and philosophy. Hoppe destroys numerous myths of today's social science and should therefore be a must-read for economists, philosophers and political scientists.

the great fiction: property, economy, society, and the politics of decline


456 pages

the great ficion.jpg

The ultimate collection of essays on the subjects in the book's title.

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